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The Campania Gelato Makers Committee celebrates the 7th Gelato Day in favor of solidarity.

Naples – In the enchanting scenery of Piazza del Plebiscito, preparations are in full swing to host the Telethon "Walk of Life" marathon: Running for research: a great effort.

On Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st everyone will take to the streets for an ice cream (at a cost of 1 Euro) with the Campania Gelato Makers Committee which, as part of the celebration of the 7th Gelato Day, will prepare excellent Tiramisu ice cream (official European flavour for 2019 – dedicated to Italy), the proceeds of which will be entirely donated to the Telethon foundation to support research on rare genetic diseases.

The event will kick off immediately after the notes of the hymn of artisanal ice cream "My Gelato", composed, for the Campania Gelato Makers Committee, by Maestro Raffaele Piscitelli.

Numerous ice cream makers, from the 5 provinces of Campania, will be present at the event, demonstrating that the "family of ice cream makers" is always united and grows more and more.

The tasting will be curated by the students, in the dining room, kitchen and reception, of the "Duca di Buonvicino" Hotel Institute of Naples.

During the two days, a booklet "History and secrets of artisanal gelato" will be distributed, concerning the history, the production process and the organoleptic qualities of artisanal ice cream, created, for the event, thanks to the precious contribution of: Babbi srl and Pregel S.p.A..

A special thanks goes to the General of the Army Corps Rosario Castellano, Commander of the Southern Operational Forces, for renewing the great collaboration between the Italian Army and the Campania Gelato Makers Committee, established in 2013, since the first edition of the "European Day of Artisanal Gelato".

"Tasting a good ice cream – says Ferdinando Buonocore, President of the Campania Gelato Makers Committee – in addition to helping research, sweetens both body and soul".