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The IPSEOA "I. e V. Florio" of Erice was awarded the Prize of the 25th. "Carlo Pozzi" National Ice Cream Competition.

On Tuesday 7 May in Erice (TP), the ceremony for the delivery of the Telme Spa professional batch freezer to the Hotel Institute was held.Ignazio and Vincenzo Florio" of Erice (TP), winner with the students Stella Silvestro and Marta Savona of 25. National Ice Cream Competition "Carlo Pozzi" – ice cream on the catwalk.

Their dish, an expression of the theme of the competition "The excellence of the territory", entitled "The Egadi Gardens" had in fact established itself at the final held on the occasion of the 59th MIG – International Exhibition of Artisanal Gelato in Longarone last December.

Also on this occasion, the Institute stood out for the hospitality reserved for the delegation that took part, led by the President of the MIG, Fausto Bortolot who wanted to emphasize how "artisanal ice cream is an excellence of Made in Italy in which Sicily plays a great role, certainly for the extraordinary quality of the ingredients it offers. But ingredients alone are not enough. What makes the difference is the skill of our master ice cream makers, here worthily represented by Antonio Cappadonia". And it is precisely the Master Cappadonia in the morning he had the merit of explaining to the pastry students of the Institute and to the two winners of the competition what artisanal ice cream consists of, the differences between ice cream, sorbet and granita and show the batch freezer in operation producing excellent hazelnut and pistachio ice cream, for an inevitable cold dessert finale.

There was also no shortage of speeches by the professor who followed the preparation for the competition, Mario Puccio, and the Headmistress, Prof. Giuseppa Mandina who expressed all "the pride of having such a new technology and equipment for his Institute that will allow us to improve in this sector" highlighting the further "opportunity this year to be the organizing school of the Sicilian selection of the competition and therefore to host the other institutes of the island".

Accompanying President Bortolot were, on behalf of the G.A.- Committee National Committee for the Defence and Diffusion of Artisanal and Own Gelato, Ferdinando Buonocore and Domenico Belmonte, who had the opportunity to carry out an inspection, just in view of the 2019 regional selection, in the splendid new headquarters within the charming historic center of Erice.

Longarone, 10 May 2019