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Domenico Belmonte is the new president of Artglace

Marco Antonio Miquel Sirvent – Domenico Belmonte

Today, Saturday 27 November 2021, the General Assemblies of ARTGLACE – Confédération des Associations des Artisans Glaciers de la Communauté Européenne, and of the G.A. – National Committee for the Defense and Diffusion of Artisanal and Own Produced Ice Cream. Both saw the renewal of the offices with the appointment of the new president.

For Artglace, it is Spanish who is leaving the place Marco Antonio Miquel Sirvent After two very difficult years, heavily marked by the pandemic, but which have shown how people particularly appreciate artisanal ice cream. It also makes a prediction because "This year I think it will be very good for us. A great summer that will allow you to recover. My successor has an important task ahead of him, that of uniting all countries. Everyone today is facing specific and also different difficulties from others, but the time has come to unite Europe to work together and give strength to artisanal ice cream".

The new President accepts the invitation Domenico Belmonte which promises to "To face this challenge with the same commitment that I have put into Artglace over the years. The moment is difficult but we will try to overcome it in a big way and I will try, together with all my colleagues, to unite and strengthen this European group even more.".