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Gelato Day 2021: the same passion in a virtual contest

"Unleash your creativity to celebrate together but apart"

In 2021, on the occasion of its ninth celebration, Gelato Day becomes virtual to allow everyone, gelato makers and ice cream lovers, to celebrate together.
In fact, since 2013, Artisanal Gelato has been celebrated every March 24th: in the only European Day dedicated to a product of food origin. This recognition was obtained thanks to the commitment and passion of Artglace's ice cream makers, and moved by this same passion, despite the difficulties of many ice cream parlors to open for March 24th, we sharpened our creativity to find a way to celebrate together anyway.
Numerous individual initiatives have been undertaken in these 8 years to enhance Artisanal Gelato, often with great beneficial implications.
The solution adopted for Gelato Day 2021 is to organize a Video Contest, in which Gelato Makers from all over Europe will be able to participate: distant but united.

What does it involve?
The creation of a video, lasting a maximum of 90 seconds, featuring the Taste of the Year, the Spanish "Mantecado", whose recipe can be downloaded from the website.
The parameters evaluated will be:
1) originality of the presentation,
2) video quality,
3) illustration of the production process of the "Mantecado" flavour,
4) Aesthetics and decoration of the pan
All the videos that meet the criteria indicated in the regulations will be published on the official platform of Sigep 2021, a unique showcase to be viewed and known by an international audience of experts.
Notwithstanding that the competition is aimed at European artisan ice cream makers, videos from non-European countries will still be welcome and published.

I hope for your active collaboration and the widespread dissemination of the initiative, to make Gelato Day 2021 unforgettable.

Marco A. Miquel
President Artglace