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Gelato Day and Gelato a Primavera events



Rome, March 22, 2024 – The 2024 artisanal gelato season is officially open. It promises to be rich in gelato flavor, but also in culture and solidarity, thanks to the numerous initiatives that will enliven Italian and European cities throughout the year, starting on Sunday, March 24, the XII European Artisanal Gelato Day, the only one that the European Parliament has dedicated to a food item.

The packed schedule of events dedicated to one of the world’s most beloved culinary products was presentedlast night at the Chamber of Deputies in Rome, with the participation of Hon. Mirco Carloni, President of the XIII Agriculture Commission of the Chamber of Deputies; Domenico Belmonte, President of Artglace; Ferdinando Buonocore, President of the Campanian Gelato Makers Committee; Claudio Pica, SecretaryGeneral of the Italian Gelato Makers Association; Carlotta Fabbri, President of the Gelato Products Group of the Italian Food Union; Marco Cavedagni, President of Acomag, moderated by Nicola Prudente (known asTinto), Rai Radio 2 host, Decanter, and Rai 1 Camper. Also presented, in the presence of Ministers, was the “Gaufre de Liège,” a gelato flavored with vanilla and cinnamon, enriched with a salted butter variegate and accompanied by a waffle, chosen by Belgium as the Flavor of the Year 2024, and offered for tasting alongwith 15 other artisanal gelato flavors prepared by master gelato makers from various Italian regions.

EVENTS IN ITALY. For twelve years now, the European Artisanal Gelato Day has been a uniqueopportunity to enhance this product and promote artisanal knowledge, as well as the development of an important sector for the European economy (10 billion euros in turnover in 2023 and 65 thousand points of sale employing 300 thousand workers). Even before March 24, several initiatives are celebrating it. After being featured at the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin from March 5 to 7 and at Villa dei Cedri in Valdobbiadene for the Antica Fiera di San Gregorio on March 10, tomorrow, Saturday, March 23, the Flavor of the Year will rise to 2,475 meters for “Gelato at High Altitude”: at Capanna Ra Valles (Cortina D’Ampezzo), at the exit of the restaurant near the terrace, a stand will be set up for distributing gelatos with a tasting of the “Gaufre de Liège,” to be enjoyed while admiring the spectacular view over the entireAmpezzo basin. Also tomorrow, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, the Flavor of the Year can be tasted in Udine, atVia Mercato Vecchio, at the Confartigianato FVG stand offering a tasting of “Gaufre de Liège” and collecting donations for the Fabiola ODV Association that assists families of people with severe disabilities.

And it will still be the Flavor of the Year chosen by Belgium that will be the absolute protagonist on March 24, the XII European Artisanal Gelato Day, proposed in its original gelato recipe or in creative variations in all participating gelaterias in Italy and Europe. Among these are also the award-winning excellences from the 2024 Gelaterie d’Italia Guide by Gambero Rosso, a partner of this twelfth edition of Gelato Day. To support the Day, prestigious entities such as the Gelato “Starry ContaminationsAcademics, Gelato Veneto Association, Magnificent Gelato Association, Italian Gelato Makers Association, Beyond Taste Association, CNA, Campanian Gelato Makers Committee, National Craftsmen’s Association, Italian Gelato Federation, G.A. – National Committee for the Defense and Dissemination of Artisanal and Self-Produced Gelato, G.A.T. – Artisan Gelato Makers of the Triveneto, GW – Milano Gelato Week, ACOMAG – Association of Machine Manufacturers, Furnishings and Equipment for Gelato, Carpigiani Challenge, Gelato Festival World Masters, MIG – Longarone Dolomites Fairs, and Sigep – Italian Exhibition Group are participating. Furthermore, on Sunday, March 24, from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm, during the 43rd edition of Agrimont atLongarone Dolomites Fairs, a tasting of the Flavor of the Year “Gaufre de Liègewill be held by Confartigianato Veneto at the “Meeting Area” (Pad. C), while at the “Duca di Buonvicino” Hotel Institute in Naples, the Campanian Gelato Makers Committee will launch the project “Actions for the Prevention and Contrast of School Dropout.” The program includes activities on the artisanal gelato production process and allows students to present their work at the end of the course. Additionally, they will be given an anonymousquestionnaire to gather data on young people’s food trends. The “Experiential Tourism,” a journey to discover the Neapolitan gelato tradition by the Campanian Gelato Makers Committee with the I.T.S. «Luigi Sturzo» of Castellammare di Stabia (NA), will continue until May 31, exploring the history and flavors of gelato from ancient times to the present day through paths and testimonials, as well as informative courseson the artisanal gelato production process, also promoted by the Campanian Gelato Makers Committee and taught by experienced master gelato makers under the supervision of Dr. Daniela Finizio, a food technologist. Until October 31, these courses will involve young students in theoretical and practical lessons. This year, on the occasion of “Spring Gelato,” children with a postcard can enjoy a free artisanal gelato from March 20 to 24 at numerous participating gelaterias.

And the events for the European Artisanal Gelato Day will not end on March 24th. ConGelato will once again support Gelato Day during the second edition of Milano Gelato Week scheduled from April 10th to 14th, while on April 21st in Capri, during the “La Partita del Cuore” with the participation of the Italian National Singers, there will be a tasting of the Flavor of the Year, the proceeds of which will be entirelydonated to the Telethon Foundation. Artisanal gelato will also be the protagonist of the regional selections of the “Vittorio Bartyancompetition, reserved for students of Hotel and Vocational Training Institutes, whichwill take place from May 1st to November 20th, 2024. Finally, on Sunday, October 6th, at the Archaeological Park of Paestum and Velia, the Campanian Gelato Makers Committee and the Telethon Foundation will organize the solidarity walk “Running for research between Gelato and History,” with the participation of the 8th Regiment Bersaglieri Brigade “Garibaldi” Fanfare of Caserta, including a sportsevent with a tasting of the “Gaufre de Liège“. Once again, the proceeds will be entirely donated to the Telethon Foundation.

EVENTS IN EUROPE. Numerous events are also scheduled in the rest of Europe. In Spain, A.N.H.C.E.A. will organize meetings with Spanish politicians in Alicante and Madrid, where the history of Gelato Day willbe illustrated, and the “Gaufre de Liègewill be presented, giving the public the opportunity to taste both the Flavor of the Year and other typical flavors of the region where the event will take place. The twelfth editionof Gelato Day, with tastings of “Gaufre de Liège,” will be the focus of presentations by the Royal Association of French-speaking Belgian Ice Cream Artisans in Belgium in March, and by A.G.I.A. – Italian Gelato Makers Association in Austria at the Italian Embassy in Vienna in April and at the AustrianParliament in May. Finally, on June 2nd, on the occasion of the Italian Republic Day, at the Embassy of Berlin, the twelfth European Artisanal Gelato Day will be presented with a tasting of the Flavor of the Yearby UNITEIS and V. – Association of artisan gelato makers in Germany.

BEHIND THE SCENES OF ARTISANAL GELATO. To reveal all the secrets for making excellentartisanal gelato, Artglace invites master gelato makers from all over Europe to open the doors of theirlaboratories and take part in the third edition of the video contest dedicated to the Flavor of the Year. Participants will compete with creativity to create a video lasting a maximum of 90 seconds showing the making of “Gaufre de Liège,” using the ingredients specified in the official recipe and plenty of creativity. Participation, free and open to all European gelato makers, will be valid until October 30th, 2024 (full regulations available on the website All videos received by Artglace are available on the Gelato Day YouTube channel, giving everyone in the world the chance to discover the work, skill, and creativity behind a great tub of gelato.

We are excited to officially kick off a new season of artisanal gelato,” commented Domenico Belmonte, President of Artglace. “Thanks to the intervention and heartfelt participation of the main figures in the sectorin Italy, whose support is essential to continue on a path of growth confirmed by the numbers, both in Italyand abroad. We are pleased to share with professionals and enthusiasts from all over Italy and Europe the numerous initiatives that will enliven the European Artisanal Gelato Day, focusing on quality, sharing, and artisanal knowledge.”

We are proud to have brought artisanal gelato to the Chamber of Deputies, an Italian product thatenhances an entire supply chain and involves the agricultural sector, from milk production to various typesof fruit. Gelato indeed comes from our best raw materials and the expertise of companies that transformthese ingredients, promoting and selling quality, creativity, and local Italian excellences worldwide,” commented Hon. Mirco Carloni, President of the XIII Agriculture Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

“Italian artisanal gelato, in terms of flavor and tradition, represents an entirely Italian vocation, which iswhy we believe that our gelato, like Italian cuisine, another excellence of our country, can be included as a UNESCO cultural heritage. Always with this perspective, we will ask President Sergio Mattarella to meetand sensitize him to establish the ‘Italian National Artisanal Gelato Day’ on June 1st. As Aig, we are alsoaccustomed to looking towards the future of gelato, and in promotional terms, we consider it strategic to findnew exhibition structures for hosting major events. It is also important to enhance local events, giving greater centrality to the history of Italian villages, in order to combine gelato with the gastronomicexcellences of our wonderful regions,” explained Claudio Pica, President of Fiepet-Confesercenti of Rome and Lazio and Secretary-General of the Italian Gelato Makers Association (Aig).

“The Campanian Gelato Makers Committee is proud to actively promote the European Artisanal Gelato Day since 2013, with a forward-thinking mission: to go beyond celebrating an excellent product and focus on itsfuture. In fact, thanks to numerous initiatives in schools of all levels, we seek to transmit knowledge and passion for our art to young people,” commented Ferdinando Buonocore, President of the CampanianGelato Makers Committee.

This year too,” says Flavia Morelli, group exhibition manager of the food & beverage division of Italian Exhibition Group – SIGEP, “we enthusiastically support Gelato Day, a strategically relevant event for promoting the consumption of artisanal gelato in Europe. As organizers of the world’s most importantprofessional fair dedicated to gelato and sweet foodservice, we strongly believe in this initiative and in the importance of working together with all stakeholders – gelato makers, companies, associations, and institutions – in such a strategic sector for Made in Italy.”