European Artisanal
Gelato Day




European Artisanal
Gelato Day

Celebrate the best homemade ice cream parlors

Take part in Gelato Day on 24th March each year

European Artisanal Gelato Day, which has been celebrated every 24th March since 2013

The idea took shape in March of 2009.

The application to set up a European Artisanal Gelato Day was officially presented to the Strasbourg Parliament by MEP Iles Braghetto, after being contacted by Longarone Fiere president Giovanni De Lorenzi and director Paolo Garna, following a campaign by Artglace President José Luis Gisbert Valls.

Unfortunately, they were unable to get enough signatures (half plus one) from their fellow Europarliamentarians.

Decisively, over the years, a number of Europarliamentarians with an interest in promoting Artisanal Gelato then started to come on board, including such MEPs as Giancarlo Scottà in 2010 and Antonio Cancian in 2011.

In 2012, five MEPs presented the Declaration: Sergio Silvestris and Paolo De Castro (Italy), Eva Ortiz Vilella (Spain), Ewald Stadler and Andreas Molzer (Austria).

Once the quorum was finally reached, on 5 July 2012, with 387 votes in favour, thanks mainly to the efforts of MEP Sergio Silvestris, the European Parliament officially established European Artisanal Gelato Day, underlining, among other reasons, that: “of all fresh dairy products, artisanal gelato is a product of excellence in terms of food quality and safety, raising the profile of agri-food products in each individual Member State”.

From 2010 to 2012, the event was run by Fausto Bortolot of Artglace, whose capacity and timely, invaluable resoluteness helped overcome all bureaucratic obstacles and rules, enabling them to hand out artisanal gelato within the European Parliament building itself.

A truly magnificent achievement!

The only Day which the European Parliament has so far dedicated to a foodstuff, is the one to artisanal gelato.

It should be pointed out that European Artisanal Gelato Day is a true asset for all gelato makers and for the whole supply chain.

Theirs is the honour – and the duty – to map out its future.

Artisanal gelato at European level in figures

European Artisanal Gelato Day, devised by Longarone Fiere and Artglace, is dedicated, exclusively by the European Parliament, to a foodstuff which is recognised as being a valuable asset for the whole supply chain.
Gelato unites Europe and the figures prove it: sales will reach 9 billion euros in 2021, amounting to 60% of the world market, with a growth of 30% compared to 2020, employing 300,000 staff. Artisanal gelato parlours are increasing in number not only in Italy (around 39,000 outlets), but also in the rest of Europe. In Germany alone, some 9,000 gelato parlours (including 3,300 selling only gelato and more than 4,500 owned by Italians) employ more than 20,000 people, half of whom are of Italian origin. Not to be outdone are Spain (2,200 parlours), Poland (2,000) and the UK (1,100), followed by Austria (900), Greece (680) and France (450).
Not only that: whereas the season used to go from March to October, today things have changed. You can enjoy an excellent hand-crafted gelato for 10 months out of 12 and by February staff have been hired for the whole season. It’s a wonder food not only for the palate but also for the economy.

il presidente

Dominic Belmonte

I gusti della “Giornata” dal 2013 al 2022

Since 2015, the Artglace Assembly has breathed life into a project to promote typical products from each member nation in the Confederation; as a result, every year, the official flavour of the Day is dedicated to one of the 7 participating nations: Austria (2015), Belgium (2016), France (2017), Germany (2018), Italy (2019), Holland (2020) and Spain (2021).

24/03/2013 European Fantasy
Fiordilatte with chocolate ripple and almond pralines

24/03/2014 Stracciatella of Europe (pink)
Fiordilatte and blood orange juice, with a chocolate ripple


Chocolate of Austria

Chocolate with an apricot jam ripple

24/03/2016 Poire Royale
Pear gelato with a pear sauce ripple and speculoos biscuits

24/03/2017 Framboise Melba
Raspberry sorbet with a peach sauce ripple

24/03/2018 Black Forest
Chocolate gelato with a sour cherry ripple

24/03/2019 Tiramisù

24/03/2020 Gelato di yogurt variegato alla fragola.

24/03/2021 Mantecado

24/03/2022 Dolce Sinfonia