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The ice cream shops participating in Gelato Day 2023

On March 24th of each year, all the gelato makers and gourmands of Europe come together to celebrate the European Day of Artisanal Gelato, the only day that the European Parliament has so far dedicated to a food: a unique opportunity to promote artisan know-how throughout Europe, which has always been an expression of quality, authenticity and territoriality, and to support the
Quality productions of traditional Italian artisanal ice cream, one of those few products that can bring everyone together, appreciated by adults and children all over the world for its beneficial properties and, above all, for its goodness.

For its eleventh edition, Gelato Day has excellent partners: starting from Red Shrimp, which will involve all the ice cream parlors in its Guide to Gelaterie d'Italia to join the celebrations under the banner of the Taste of the Year. To the flavor of "Apfelstrudel", lovers of artisanal ice cream will be spoiled for choice: another important partner of the 2023 edition is "Ice cream at
" of Italian Association of Gelato Makers, which will see ice cream makers from all over Italy offer – as has been the tradition since 1986 – an ice cream to elementary and kindergarten pupils. Not forgetting the Magnifici del Gelato, National Confartigianato, Gelato Veneto, il Ice cream makers committee
, National Committee for the Defence of the Diffusion of Artisanal Ice Cream, CNA
and Confesercenti.

To this link a non-exhaustive list of ice cream parlors that participate in Gelato Day and offer the Flavor of the Year: Apfelstrudel.