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The Gelato Day Video Contest is back opening doors to craft workshop across Europe

A fresh challenge for the masters of Gelato

Originality, tradition, territory, ingredients, creativity, professionalism:artisanal gelato is all this and more. Last year, indeed, dozens ofmaster gelato makers from all over Italy and Europe took part in the first edition of the video contest held by Artglace forEuropean Artisanal Gelato Day, opening the doors of their workshops to show, in a brief90-second video, how they prepare and interpret the Flavour of the Year.

This was demonstrated by the dozens of master gelato makers from all over Italy and all over Europe who last year took part in the third edition of the video contest organized by Artglace for the European Day of Artisanal Gelato, opening the doors of their laboratories to show, with a short video from 90 seconds, their preparation and interpretation of the Taste of the Year.

The competition turned out to be a journey to discover the best traditions, a story, made up of images, of the entire gelato supply chain: from farms to farmers, from machinery to counters, each gelato maker showed a world in which attention to each detail, the care of every single ingredient, the inspiration that guides the hands to create a culinary masterpiece are elements capable of uniting people even thousands and thousands of kilometers away, all animated by the same, great passion.

For this reason, after the success of the first three editions, the video contest organized by Artglace is back again this year, with “Apfelstrudel” as the protagonist, the Flavor of the Year of the eleventh edition of the European Artisan Gelato Day on 24 March. A recipe that all gelato makers are invited to follow and interpret by personalizing it with creativity and skill, which provides for a white-based gelato with apple pulp and a light flavoring with rum and lemon oil, to which is added a sprinkling of cinnamon, sultanas , preferably dark, finally the breadcrumbs.

Participation is free and open to all European gelato makers and you can participate until 30 September. The videos submitted will be evaluated by a jury of experts who will vote on the originality of the presentation, quality of the video, illustration of the production process, aesthetics and decoration of the tray.

And that’s not all: all of the videos received by Artglace – including any that do not qualify for the main competition coming from gelato-makers outside Europe – will be published onGelato Day’s YouTube channel, giving food lovers across the world the chance tostep inside the workshops and discover all the work, skill and creativity that go into making a fine tub of gelato. Looking forward to 24 March 2022, and to enjoying the tenth edition of European Artisanal Gelato Day, created topromote and support one of the most popular gastronomic specialities on the planet.